February 1, 2010   1 note

say something nice: lady g’s hair edition

(image via the hollywood gossip)

much as i am not a fan of lady g’s bloated self promotion, oh wait…i mean…much as i am not a fan of lady g’s bloated & self-congratulatory self promotion, i did think her yellow ombre hair at the grammys looked quite merry. ¬†

perhaps, though, this is due to the fact that it was quite reminiscent of a style not entirely unique to g, and seen here on sean yseult (formerly of white zombie, hair c. 1994):

though the lemon popsicle hair has never seemed to inspire any mainstream movements, perhaps this is also a compliment we may (grudgingly) pay to g; she has it within her marketing machine to launch even the most ludicrous styles.  soon we will probably see copies of this hair, and as with her other trends, such as the hair bow, i find this one not to wince about.

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