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christian dior resort 2011

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the christian dior cruise 2011 show, which took place in shanghai, had none of that flavor at all, but instead took inspiration from the sixties and “French New Wave”.  john galliano told wwd, ““I didn’t want to come here and present a Chinese-inspired collection to my Chinese friends…I’m the ambassador of the house of Dior and I wanted to come here with a French-inspired collection and to show the savoir-faire of France.” 

um, okay.  while i can certainly understand it may be an outdated concept to “do” an interpretation of that same country one is showing in, is the idea of changing your own themes up so very difficult we will forever be stuck with these few stock collections from dior?  each season it seems we get another look at equestrian, sixties, or movie stars, all dolled-up in easter egg-hued confections with plenty of tulle, a little vamping, and pretty bags, shoes, and sunglasses for the masses who can’t afford the full wardrobe to buy. 

that of course isn’t to say the show wasn’t pretty.  as always, it was.  the dresses were divine, what any girl would be endlessly pleased to wear, really.  but to me it feels, at least from the perspective of someone who looks at countless global fashion show images on a daily basis, the days of viewing christian dior as an industry leader are over.  while the public still adores him, and we can all read the list of stars lining the front rows of his shows, wearing his dresses, and watch his fashion films (such as the newest, by david lynch & starring marion cotillard), i can’t remember the last time i was really transfixed by something he’d done on the runway. 

i don’t think dior the brand is going anywhere.  if anything, based on this show in china idea, they’re trying to find new, rich customers in additional markets.  and they have the name cache to keep themselves afloat for a good while, not to mention the powerhouse of lvmh behind them.  but in terms of the people like us, who love for nothing more than to see the latest runway, to derive our entertainment from what new ideas designers are proposing, i have at least these past few seasons realized dior is dead. 

the resort show was part of a two-day party, which, besides the aforementioned film screening, included a live performance by kelis, the reopening of a twice-as-big boutique, a fragrance launch, and a museum exhibit.  again, all very nice & proof that they’re sitting atop an empire.  but…doesn’t sometimes all this unnecessary bling feel like just that?  that maybe the clothes should speak for themselves without all the commotion surrounding, and even distracting from them? 

but then again, maybe i’m just splitting hairs.  people get pretty clothes, movie stars, and hype that makes the consumer feel they’re part of something big, special, that they’re included in all this ado.  that’s exciting, and the building of a brand goes beyond the actual clothes, into the lifestyle that people want.  as long as they look good, are having fun, they don’t care so much about being pathbreaking.  i suppose everyone wins that way, but there’s still a nagging feeling left that the most important piece of it all, the art, has gone missing. 

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