May 18, 2010

christian dior’s lady blue shanghai

like basically all the other kids on the playground, christian dior just released a new fashion film, ‘lady blue shanghai’, which was written/directed by david lynch & starring marion cotillard.  now, i know you’re probably thinking, ‘i would rather spend the 16 minutes listening to an assessment of the what contemporary society deems an acceptable amount of ass fat a woman may have, with diagrams, than watch another fashion film opt has written about.’

and, after the last one, i would say that is kind of fair.  however, bear in mind that the participants of this project are much more enticing than the last.  although in some respects, ‘lady blue shanghai’ is doubtless an advertising tool, it is not nearly so overt as some of its sister films.  the camera angles, music, and visuals of the movie are quite captivating in a smoky/intoxicating manner.

furthermore, as the present state of a david lynch film is generally to descend into madness after the first hour or so and still continue on an additional one-and-a-half or two after that, with a mere 16 minutes, he’s forced to keep it pretty tight, with the story line thus fairly coherent.  this one is both a mystery & a love story.  

perhaps it’s now slightly easier to understand why we watch…

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