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miami swim fashion week: luli fama

(images via mbfwms)

keeping in line with the bright colours and revealing nature of the s/s 2012 shows at miami swim fashion week (with designer luli hanimian advocating this season to “wear the sexiest silhouette you feel comfortable with”), luli fama nevertheless employed some sweetness in their some nearly 80-look spring collection, helping to diffuse some of the extreme sensuality others have poured across with their animal prints (indeed, they were still included here, but usually mixed with something like fruit, as below). 

instead, the range was inspired by cuba. titled ‘la vida es un carnaval 2012,’ the show was based around the concept of the street carnivals in havana.  ms. hanimian explained to the miami herald that “(w)e wanted to put together a line with very bright colors, very energetic and with sexy silhouettes that fit the idea of a tropical island and hot summer nights.  We even use a print with a rum bottle, a parrot and an image of a Cuban passport stamp. It felt like it was the right time do Cuba.” 

with prints like those mentioned above, plus mixed fruit patterns, tropical island abstracts, florals, leopard and zebra prints, polka dots, and psychedelic geometrics, the colours ranged from electric blue, barbie pink, lemon, gold, and neon tangerine to sea green, cobalt, black, white, lilac, and chocolate brown.  as the site ms. fabulous notes, pointing out details such as ruffles and ruching, “Subtle, this collection was not.  Bikinis had fringe or tassles on the side to emphasize hip and bust shaking movement.  Fabrics had a lot of shine.  Cut-outs were strategically placed to reveal skin in as many ways as artfully possible.” 

thus, it may have seemed that the luli fama show was right in-line with what everyone else was doing.  however, i felt that there was one notable exception: the breadth of range of the runway.  to be sure, revealing bikinis, monokinis, and cover-ups that didn’t really hide a thing roamed with aplomb, but by adding in loose pants, more shirt-like cover-ups, maxi dresses, and rompers (see some good additional pictures at vancouver sun), one felt less constrained to fall in line with the exact silhouette nearly all on the beach will be wearing come warm days next year.  and yes, it was sexy and meant to reveal the body, but the collection felt as much about helping the wearer have fun and feel good in her print and bright colours as attracting notice from attractive members of the desired sex (even if that would doubtless come as well). 

(watch the catwalk video here)

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